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Civil Engineer & Architect | Ph.D. Student

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Doctoral Student @ University of Salerno, Italy (Nov 2018 - present)

  • Investigation of seismic protection of adjustable pallet racking systems with base isolation systems.
  • Experience in steel structure frameworks, seismic isolation systems, and structural optimization.

Researcher @ EPhysLab, University of Vigo, Spain (Jan 2019 - present)

R&D SPH frameworks for renewable energy:

  • Numerical modeling for wave energy converters (WECs)
  • Anchoring bases for offshore wind turbines
  • Developing new functionalities for DualSPHysics; software validation


Visiting Researcher Scholar @ MRC, Queen’s University Belfast, UK (Jan - Apr 2022)

  • Research activities co-funded by HPC-Europa3 program (HPC-Europa3). Investigation of tension-leg platform performance using the SPH method. Simulations performed on the CirrusII supercomputer (Univestity of Edimburgh, UK). Long simulation with extreme sea states defined through 50-year return period events.

Visiting Researcher Scholar @ EPhysLab, University of Vigo, Spain (June - Aug 2021)

  • Research activities co-funded by the Wave Energy Converter Array Network (WECANet), and EPhysLab. Improvement of the current version of DualSPHysics. Investigation of the Uppsala WEC device, a point absorber equipped with a sophisticated power take-off system developed and tested by the Uppsala University (Sweden).

Visiting Researcher Scholar @ National Technical University of Athens, Greece (Mar 2020 - Feb 2021)

  • Laboratory testing to assess base-plate connection performance
  • Numerical modeling of the base plate using a beam element based framework (open source)

Visiting Researcher Scholar @ FIP Industriale, Padova, Italy (Sep 2019 - Feb 2020)

  • Responsible for designing and implementing laboratory testing to assess a novel isolator’s performance
  • Open-source code used to reproduce the tests and improve quality and validity of results
  • Designed base isolation systems for retrofitting existing structures.

Postgraduated Fellow @ EPhysLab, University of Vigo, Spain (June 2018 - June 2019)

  • Part-time contract for Numerical modeling of wave energy converters (WECs)
  • Control, optimization, and survivability analyses of a PTO system developed by Sandia National Laboratories (US).

Erasmus+ @ FLANDERS HYDRAULICS RESEARCH, Belgium (Mar - Aug 2017 & Feb - Mar 2018)

  • Development and validation of a coupling technique of the Lagrangian model DualSPHysics with the NSLW model SWASH for coastal engineering applications; visited the EPhysLab (Spain) to collaborate with the code developer team; performed a second stage of two months to complement my previous research, applying the technique to a dike wall. Invited to perform a second stage of two months to complement my previous research, applying the technique to a dike wall.